31/12/2015 - wishing all our lovely visitors a happy new year and prosperous 2016 - thank you for your support over the last year

1/1/2016 - welcome to the new year - we have 2 eggs laid from the zebra finches and we think Nigella has gone into labour.  She is our beautiful bearded dragon who came in with 2 males and was pregnant.  Looks like 2016 is going to be a busy time!!!!

30/12/2015 - we took in some yellow bellied turtles on Christmas Eve who were in a terrible mess.  They were so slimey you could not even see their beautiful colours.  Our team worked hard over the Xmas period and built a beautiful pond for these wonderful animals and today was the big day they moved in - they love it.  so much space, some plants to eat and play with, a basking area - which they don't yet know how to use as they have never had one before, but we will get there.  Check out our facebook page for the lovely video showing them enjoying the new pond.